Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series celebrated 20 excellent years of running this weekend in San Diego. This race series always has awesome live bands and energetic cheer teams that give the course a block-party feeling atmosphere. The race party scene this weekend in San Diego was energetic from the start to the finish line.

The party scene began at the race expo. The red carpet check-in process set the mood of getting ready to rock a run! Pre-race dinner and rooming with the girls made for a fun Saturday night and allowed for a few extra hours sleep before heading to the starting line. Yet, shutting my mind off and getting some rest is always a challenge! Race day jitters always get me, even with this race being my twenty-fifth half marathon!

The starting line corrals quickly filled and boomed with runner anticipation and positive energy. The course was a bit more hilly than I remembered. I didn’t dare complain though as at mile three I came upon Harriette Thompson, a 94 runner who holds the record for the oldest woman to complete a half marathon. My mind automatically thought, “I hope to be as active at that age!” Harriette is a two-time cancer survivor. Her positivity and outlook on life are an excellent example for any age.

2017-06-08 11.41.23
Mile 4 was easily identified as the drink up party mile on the course. A group of spectators in the neighborhood set up a well stocked open bar. Runners stopped along the way at tables and ordered up drinks of their choice from the posted menu of options. I’m not a drinker, but quite a few runners took full advantage of the alcohol.

Mile 5 was an emotionally moving one to run.The entire mile is dedicated to remember fallen service members. All of the volunteers wore blue while holding American flags lined along the race course. This nation wide organization exists for the fallen, for the fighting, and for the families. My heart ached as I looked at the memorials of each fallen hero. It was heart wrenching to see how young so many of the of the service men and women were when killed in combat for our country. This mile was a great reminder that freedom isn’t free.


Continuing on the course I ran into my running buddy Salvie. We shared our running injured status, smiled for a picture, and continued pacing our way to the finish line. Along the way I was happy to also snap some pics at the some of the awesome party points of the race. Some of my favorites were the RnRSD selfie banner, the break at the course line, the blow up rocker, and the the finish line!

Rock ‘n’ Roll races never disappoint and are always guaranteed running fun. The positive energy always adds to the experience. If you are looking for a fun half or full marathon, I highly suggest you check out the awesome selection of races held nation and world wide!



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