Holiday Half Marathon and 5K Golden Snowflake Challenge

Falling snow at the starting line of a half marathon in Southern California? Yup! That is the Christmas magic you will find when running the Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona. The Golden Snowflake challenge is one of my favorite winter themed races.

The snowflake challenge includes a 5k and half marathon. Saturday morning I woke my kids up for the 3 mile fun run. I’m always impressed at their running abilities. I guess being that my husband and I are both avid runners, I really shouldn’t be surprised. The three of us completed the 5k in 35 minutes. Both of my babies sprinted to the finish line leaving Mommy behind!

Sunday morning, I laced up again and drove back to the Pomona Fairplex with my running buddy, Desiree to conquer the half marathon. A slight constant drizzle made for a chilly start. I’ll be honest, we are pretty darn spoiled with near perfect weather year round here in Southern California. She and I are not real fans of cold weather, so we stayed in the car staying as warm as possible till the start of the race.

Even with the chill and drizzle, I love this half marathon course as we run on the track of the Auto Club Raceway and around Bonelli Regional Park. The hills of the park are challenging, but the gorgeous views keep your mind distracted and your feet moving!wp-1481754634183.jpg


When Desiree and I crossed the finish line, we quickly made our way to the massage tent. This was a smart move as the line behind us rapidly grew.

I collected my golden snowflake challenge medal and became a member of the Penguin March Club for completing the Holiday Half three years in a row. The Lil’ Blue Penguin medal was a welcome addition to my race bling.

This run wrapped up my 2016 year of races. I ran a total of six 5ks, two 10ks, eight half marathons, and four full marathons. It has been a year of running triumphs and challenges as I completed a total of 20 races. After each race, I allow time for post race reflection. I have learned something new about myself as a runner with every finish line crossed. As I prepare for 2017, I plan to cut back on my race schedule and focus more on strength training. I’m going to focus my energy to work towards being the healthiest me. So, as the new year approaches, I challenge YOU to fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.


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