Lexus Lace Up Riverside Half Marathon

When running a half marathon, the last tenth of a mile is my favorite. It never matters how exhausted I am or the amount of pain I may be feeling. When the finish line comes in view, all I feel at that moment is a sense of accomplishment. The Lexus Lace Up Riverside half marathon, was my twentieth time experiencing this feeling. It was quite a sense of accomplishment to know I have completed 20 halves when I crossed that finish line. I must admit, the feeling of such an achievement never gets old. For me, nothing beats a runner’s high.


This was my first time running the Lexus Lace Up Riverside half marathon. Last season, I ran the 10k and recalled it to be a bit of a hilly course. Before heading to the starting line I took a moment to review the course map and mentally prepared myself for the elevation gains. Running hills never gets easier, your legs just get stronger. It was a chilly morning to start so after picking up my race bib I stayed in my car trying to stay warm with my sole sister Desiree. She has the same crazy love of running, so we are really great motivation for each other while collecting those thirteen miles. The race began at Fairmount Park with Mt. Rubidoux off in the near distance view. We ran along the Santa Ana River. The best site to me was the view of the Anza Narrows Railroad Bridge. It is a massive concrete arch bridge built in 1904.


After finishing up the run, we found our way over to the physical therapists to get our leg muscles stretched out. The therapist was very knowledgeable as he also spent some time sharing how to properly use a foam roller. I actually appreciated him scolding me about not stretching enough. Mental note, start stretching more. When done, we worked our way over to the massage tables for a leg rub down. This post race double treatment left me feeling refreshed and ready to make the drive home.

Every Lace Up race includes a food ticket at the finish. The food trucks are always a great variety and make the decision on what to order a challenging one. Having run 13.1 miles, Desiree and I enjoyed carne asada burritos to celebrate our running accomplishments. They were delicious!

Since I missed all the fun of post race pics, I had to take full advantage of posing for some shots with my running buddies to commemorate the day. Sarah and I are just about to reach our goal of 2016 in 2016. This challenge has kept my monthly miles at a pretty constant high.

The Lexus Lace Up Riverside race was the final run in four race series.  The finisher medals this year were designed to share something about the race location. The Riverside medal focused on the Riverside Raincross mission bell. The challenge medal is gorgeous as it ties in the symbols of all for of the races in the series. The Irvine medal had an orange wedge being that the race is in Orange County. The Ventura medal had a surfboard since race was held at the Surfer’s Point Beach. While the Palos Verdes medal has an image of the Vincent Point lighthouse, an eye catching historical landmark with a breathtaking view.

Lexus Lace Up  was a fun race series and I look forward to signing up and running them again next year! They always exceed my runner expectations and never disappoint!



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