Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes Half Marathon

Be a hill seeker!  Most runners try to avoid hills, but hills are an opportunity to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you ever possibly imagined. To truly enjoy the downhill, you must first conquer the uphill run. These are the positive quotes I filled myself with as I prepared for the Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes Run. This half marathon is known for a hilly, good time.  Lucky, my mind was easily distracted from the elevation challenge and the gorgeous ocean views.


Race day called for an early wake up. Because of the limited space, the race had off site parking. I got to the Palo Verdes City Hall and quickly caught a shuttle to the starting line with no wait. The sunrise view on the shuttle was a stunning site. wp-1480373577223.jpgOnce I arrived, I picked up my race bib and a new tech shirt. Meeting with other runners has become a pre-race tradition. We gathered for some pics and then it was time to get down to business. Prior to the race, we started off with some group stretches overlooking an amazing sunrise.


The hills were right at the start of the race and quickly woke up my quads. Knowing I had 13 miles to go, I paced myself to avoid a burn-out. As I came to the final two miles, I caught up with my running buddy, Megan. She was experiencing some cramping. I had the honor of cheering her to the finish line. This race was Megan’s 50th half marathon and her 1,000th mile for 2016.


I stretched out some more at the finish and got in-line for a leg rub down. The massage therapists on-site asked where I would like to have his/her focus their attention. This time I took advantage of rubbing down my quads and hamstrings.

The next race in the Lexus LaceUp series will be in Riverside. This will wrap up the 2016 season. If you haven’t run one of the races in the series, come check it out and bring the kids! The Riverside race on Sunday, December 4 has the following options: half marathon, 10k, 5k, and a kids run. I’m looking forward to earning my challenge medal! Hopefully I’ll see you there!


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