Los Angeles Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Run 13 miles for fun while wearing a costume? Heck yea! The Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in Los Angeles always falls in late October so combining running with a costume is the race norm.

At the race, I joined some friends and together we had runners on the search for Waldo. Yes, my costume was Waldo! Some other awesome Rock’n’Rollers were Waldo too! It was a great costume minus the fact that my outfit was 100% cotton. As many of you know, cotton fails to repel sweat, so I was cold and wet!

The pre-race fun started with a group meet up for hellos and pictures. It was a great chance to see the creativity of costumes and a great collection of pro-compression socks.


I felt well rested and ready to bang out some miles at the start of the race. This confident feeling quickly faded around mile 4. I quickly self-assessed why I was feeling so off in my running game. I realized it was my diet! The week prior to the race I began a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. The slight problem is that I didn’t carb-up before the race. When I reached mile 4, I had no energy in tank.

I decided at that moment to scale back my running pace and just enjoy the run. Being that the race was an “out and back” course, I had a chance to see everyone running and this allowed for some picture taking fun!

This game plan worked out well because the second half of the course was hilly and with my lack of energy I knew those hills would just be trouble for me. I was able to pick up some Glukos energy gels and chews at mile 7 and it carried me to the finish line.

As soon  as I finished the race, I picked up my medal and more importantly some chocolate milk. I felt my muscles tighten up so I sat on a curb for bit and stretched. As I started feeling better I got up to find some friends for finish line pictures.

Even as a season runner, I find myself still learning from every race. This time I learned the real importance of carbs prior to a long run. I will keep this in mind as I prepare for Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas in a few weeks. Until then, I’m  trying to get back on my high protein diet and fight the urge to eat all the Halloween candy in my house!



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  1. I saw you out on the course by the Coliseum. I was pretty sure it was you, but I doubt myself. Excellent job!


    1. Thanks! Next time say hello!!


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