Los Angeles Marathon

I’m not a runner. I don’t have the body frame of a runner. I am slow. I have no business trying to run 26.2 miles. These are the thoughts that filled my head as I ran marathon number 5. I have decided that I am the definition of a battered marathon runner. A marathon completely wrecks my body and leaves me mentally shattered. Yet,  for some stupid crazy reason, I keep going back for more. It is definitely an I love/hate relationship. By the next day I am saying, “baby it’s me, not you…let’s try again.” Yup! I’m a battered runner…BUT I love it! The feeling of accomplishment is second to none. Once I cross the finish line I can’t wait to do it all over again. There you have it, I have openly vented. Now, let’s move forward with the fun details of the L.A. Marathon race weekend!   


I spent all day Saturday taking in all the glory of the race expo with my buddy Alex. We had stupid-crazy-runner-fun meetings with strangers that we follow on our Instagram accounts. We made new friends and enjoyed all of the adventures of shopping and exploring the different booths. The photo taking opportunities were endless and I have all the pics to prove it. 

Knowing it would be a full day experience, we picked up a lunch so we could listen to Dean Karnazes, the Ultra Marathon Man. He shared his running adventures of racing on all 7 continents. He really is a running inspiration. It was great having the opportunity to meet him.


I also had the opportunity to meet Julie Weiss, The Marathon Goddess. She has run 52 marathons in 52 weeks.This race was her 100 marathon. We enjoyed small talk conversation about our running goals. She always shares tips about race courses and the best way to conquer them.

The morning of the race, I set my alarm for 3 o’clock so I could be out of the house by 3:30 a.m. When my alarm went off, I had a brief moment of wondering who the heck messed with my alarm!  I got myself up, dressed, and headed out the door.  I met up with Alex and we carpooled in. The shuttle ride from Santa Monica to Dodgers Stadium was filled with anticipation about the starting line. When we arrived, we checked our bags, and made a  quick restroom run. Shortly after, Boom! Just like that, it was time to start the race.

The race itself is filled with so many of amazing iconic sites to see from the stadium to sea. Running the streets past some of my favorite locations in the City of Angels is what makes this race so memorable. I couldn’t stop and photograph them all because I had to run. Well, truth be told, my phone died, so I had to stop taking pics! 


One of my favorite moments of the race were couples renewing their wedding vows at mile 11 because it was Valentine’s Day. I  couldn’t help but stop and capture that moment.


The crowds of support and cheering add to the superb greatness of this 26.2 mile journey. So many times I felt overwhelmed with emotions from the continuous crowd support. The different cultural communities along the route are out with cheers of support. I was beyond grateful for each of the volunteers at the hydration stations. During this journey, you are never alone and someone is always cheering you on.

As the race ended, I was sure this would be my final marathon. I felt done with running. Though, by the following morning my new game plan for marathon number 6 had been drawn. This upcoming  time around, I need to improve my diet and not over train. The long runs for training are crucial, but I’m collecting junk miles instead of quality runs. My food choices have not been the best this year, so I plan on buckling down and working to drop some weight. So wish me luck as I continue my love/hate running relationship and train for marathon number 6 on May 1st. Hopefully I will be a lighter and faster runner.