Surf City Half Marathon, 20th Anniversary

20160207_062703.jpgEvery time I visit Huntington Beach I feel like I’m on vacation. Having not grown up in California, it fits every mental image of the perfect Southern California beach scene that I saw in the movies while growing up. While parking, I had to snap a pic of the amazing sunrise. These are the moments that early morning runners hold so precious.


The weather was perfect at the start of the race. The sun was shining and the cool breeze met me at the starting line. As the race miles continued to climb, the weather did get a bit warmer, but not unbearable. I told myself that I would not push too hard during this run. I am running the LA marathon this coming Sunday, so I treated this race as a taper run with a medal finish. I must say, I absolutely love the bling! Not only does the surfboard spin in the center, it has a stand built into the the frame. This was the 20th anniversary of the Surf City race, so this medal was a must for my running collection!


The race course is pretty flat with some slight inclines that require a bit of a mental push. The half marathon is an out and back run with a few miles zigzaged up into the neighborhood. The water stations are well placed and also offered Shot Bloks for nutrition. I was so grateful to see my buddy Tino at mile 8 with oranges. Sorry I cut him in half when I took the picture, but it shows the awesome signs he made to encourage the runners from my school district!


The best part of this race experience for myself was the expo. It was not the biggest expo, but it was filled with loads to fun stuff to catch your eye. Plus, I got to see some of my favorite running friends. I worked a few hours of the expo encouraging runners to sign up for the upcoming OC Marathon. This was another great opportunity to enjoy some conversation with runners.


This year my goal running is to complete 2,016 in 2016. I am splitting the miles challenge with my dear friend Sarah. I’m proud to share that we completed 300 miles of our goal at the half marathon. This program is offered by Run the Edge. I highly suggest you check it out. It really has helped to keep my running motivation high.


As the final mile was met and I crossed the finish line, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures on the beach. I mean come on, it is February and the weather seriously felt like a perfect summer day. When I was done, I made my way back to the car and was happy to catch my running inspiration Monica from RunEatRepeat. She is seriously rockstar status in my book.

So there you have it. The tale to tell for my 14th half marathon. Wish me luck as I work to control my emotions as I taper for the Los Angeles Marathon this coming weekend! On a personal note, I learned at this race that my wireless headphones hold a charge just long enough for a half marathon. Glad I learned this before the my next race! I would be a seriously cranky runner with no tunes!