Lace Up Lexus 10K, Riverside

By Southern California standards, it was a cold crisp morning to start. 50 degrees though is perfect running weather once you get moving, but the pre-race chill always gets me. I easily found my way to Freemont Park a bit before the race and quickly went through the bib pick-up. Same day bib pick-up is always a bonus, especially when driving a distance for the race.


After, I met up with a few other Instagram runners for a group picture. It’s always a fun to chat with other runners about the race excitement. Plus it’s great to meet other runners who get your crazy for sharing running experiences via pictures. Yes, I know I have a serious picture posting habit.


I got myself stretched out and headed to the starting line. The crowd was filled with a positive energy as the announcer hyped the runners up and sent the groups off in waves. The sun peaking out to start the day was a beautiful sight and gave me a smile.


The first mile was a bit hilly, so I kept a mental note of it to prepare for the challenge on the way back knowing it was a turn around course. I found my pace in the second mile and stuck with it. The race continued on the Santa Ana River bed bike trail. On a turn around course, it’s encouraging to to see the determination on the race leaders as they are flying back to the finish. As I came to the turn around point, I was feeling pretty good so I kept my pace. The fifth mile came quickly and I mentally prepared for the challenge of the hill to end the race. To my amazement it never came! At the end of the race, I looked back on the course map and found that it cut off to the side and dropped down right in to the finish line. It really was a pleasant and welcomed surprise.

This was my third event of the Lexus Lace Up series this season and I must admit I really have enjoyed the all.  This series offers intimate races with high class treatment. Attention is paid to all the small details that make the race day memorable and outstanding. Everything is always well organized. They offer a Kids Fun Run so it includes family fun.  Games and crafts are available to entertain the young ones.


I’m personally not a fan of beer, but food, oh yes food… I love me some good cuisine! The food trucks offered have all been beyond yummy! The variety and choice really did make it hard to choose. The best part is at the meal is included in your entry fee!


Another highlight of the Lexus Lace Up race series is the photos. Any pictures that you post to your Instagram account are printed out as postcard. These make an awesome memento of the race day fun. I add the pictures to my collection and hang them under the race day bib in my classroom.



At the end of the race I went by the hydration station and picked up an awesome bottle and filled it with cucumber water for the drive home. Yes, these are just some of the attention to detail that I feel make the Lexus Lace Up series so awesome.


Next season if you’re looking for an outstanding race series I highly suggest signing up for one of the four races! You have your choice of a 5K, 10K or a half marathon. Next season I hope to race in the Palos Verdes half. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Southern California.

One more personal race day highlight for me to share… I wore my awesome  INKnBURN Christmas sweater to race. I received so many compliments before and during the run.  I even earned a shout out for my holiday attire as I crossed the finish line from the announcer. Whoop. Whoop. Yeah, I was proud! Click on the highlighted link above to check out their awesome stuff!

20151206_081815.jpgThanks again for reading and sharing this crazy running journey with me. My next race will be the run that encouraged me to start blogging all my races. I will be running the Pomona Holiday Half Marathon and chasing the golden snow flake challenge by running the 5K the day before. Yes. Yes, I do love the finisher medals. I am a bit of a finisher medal junkie.



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