Lace Up Lexus Half Marathon, Ventura

Part of life is finding people who are your kind of crazy. My running buddies are totally my kind of crazy.  Waking up at 3:20 in the morning to meet, driving 2 hours to run 13 miles, and talking about how awesome it was all the way home is crazy… BUT this is a crazy that only runners can truly understand.


The Lexus Lace Up race in Ventura was awesome. It was also lots of memorable fun. The morning was a perfect chilly start to the day. The sunrise overlooking the beach was fabulous. I actually myself a bit cold, which was a nice change from the heat.


The at the start of the race, I thought I would push in see how my body felt. I was able to keep up with my friend Emma for the first 3 miles, then my IT band in my left leg said it was time to slow the pace. I could feel my hip start to cramp and tighten. I dropped back to my normal half marathon pace and said my goodbyes as Emma hunted down her a new 13.1 PR. I adjusted my gait and continued on my way. After a while I felt good and picked back up my pace.


Seeing friends along the race course always a highlight. If I can recognize them from a distance I try and capture an action shot. Here are Emma and Sarah with a comfortable 10 minute lead on me. I knew when I saw them I was finally going to be nearing the turn around point.


Part of my love of running is enjoying the sights of the run. Ventura was a new new location for me to explore. I had never had the opportunity to run along the beauty of the beach and the river trail in this area. The change of scenery made for a nice change. I wrapped up my 12th half marathon in 2 hours and 28 minutes. Not a bad average finish time for me.


If you’re looking for an upcoming race I highly suggest you check out one of the other Lexus Lace Up series that are happening in the next few months. Each one is very well-organized and welcoming to all levels of runners. I am going to rattle off a few of the highlights that stood out to me. They offered a results check station, awards for the top runners in each age division, delicious food as part of the entry fee, the beer garden, a massage tent recovery area, running apparel shopping, and printed pictures from your Instagram posts if hash tagged #LexusLaceUp. So here is a link to check the race schedule out if intrested. LaceUpLexusRunning


As I wrap up my third weekend of racing in a row, it is time to slow down and give my body time to heal. I’m looking forward to making changes in my training routine. Hopefully I will have positive results to share when I pick back up another race in a month or two.