LaceUpLexus Irvine 10K

It has been said, it doesn’t matter what happens between the starting line and the finish line. All that matters is that you cross both. Though, today I set a personal record for a 10K! Well, in all honesty, today was the first time I have ever run a 10K race. I ran seriously as fast as my feet would carry me.


A six-mile race is really a different experience. I’m used to controlling my pace to make the long distance of a half marathon or marathon. With the shorter distance, I was attacking the course all the way to the last mile. I was actually attacking the course too fast during the first mile. When my watch buzzed at the end of mile one it read 9:33. Yes, yes, I know I run slower than dial-up internet… but I run! I was flying that first mile because it was a nice drop in elevation. I reset my game plan and I found a comfy 10 minute pace and continued on my way. When I got to the three-mile turn point. I was feeling good. To me there is such a positive feeling when you reach the halfway point if any run. At that moment you know that each step is one closer to the finish. During the fourth mile I had some technical difficulties with my music… I need my bubble gum beats to keep going. The music keeps me mentally distracted, so I stopped quickly make an adjustment. Well, when I reached the final mile, that lovely drop in elevation was reversed to a climb in elevation. I continued to mentally and physically push out of my comfort zone to end the race.


As soon as I crossed the finish line I grabbed a bottle of water and walked over to check my official finish time. My sweet running buddy Megan snapped the above pics at at the finish. Actions shots are always the best! I’m proud to say completed my first 10k in 1:02. I was super elated and loving the running high. 


Now some details of the fun highlights of the day. The race crowd was under 900, which made the parking and check in easy. I picked up my bib, a bag of goodies with the shirt, and put everything in the car. I had a chance to visit with Sarah and Megan before the race. Both of these lovely ladies were also ambassadors for the Long Beach Marathon. It is always nice to have time to chat with other runners, because they totally get your crazy…. they are the same kind of crazy.

At the end of the race, I star stuckingly hung out with Monica from RunEatRepeat  I picked her brain for a bit about proper running formation, shoes, and how to improve my overall speed. Monica has been a distance runner for a while. She really is an inspiration to me.


At the end of the race I chowed down on some gourmet food truck grub. Best part… it was included the race entry! Boom. Score. The decisions were tough, but I settled on my very first bacon wrapped street dog. I must admit it was absolutely delicious. Okay, so I’ll  go back to my drop weight plan tomorrow
because I ate the entire hot dog!


The Lexus Lace Up Race Series offered an excellent running event. It was very well-organized from start to finish. The race swag was pretty darn awesome and the finisher medal is one that I can’t wait to add to my collection of runner bling.

So now I’m going to go back to recouping for a bit from all this running. I need to put some time in the gym and do some strength training. Thanks again for continuing on this running journey with me!