Disneyland 10th Anniversary Half Marathon

Disneyland has always been a magical place to me. Taking my children to frequently enjoy a day at Disneyland is a bonus about living in Southern California. So running the Disneyland half marathon was on this mother runner’s bucket list.
Disneyland focuses special attention I’m making every moment magical. I found this was true as I ran through both parks.

One small detail I appreciated was the employees volunteering to come in and cheer on runners. The welcoming sign by the employees backstage areas was heartwarming.
Attention to detail with scene the picture character picture moments. Each section had a professional photographer who would take a picture for you of the right for race day purchases. But they also had handful of other employees who would take your personal care iPhone camera take a picture of you this allowed the line to move at a very comfortable pace. The first one I got in thought to myself I’m going to be here for a while. But with in just a few minutes was off and on my way to the new opportunity. About myself I want enjoy the moments in the park I can.

Along the course when we left the park there were hundreds of cars under the decades of cars in this were are visual pleasure as the round. Different car owners cheer us on and took pictures for us if we thought there was one that we would like.

High school marching bands performed the cheerleaders and drill team members cheer Tucson along our way. It was great to see so many youth involved in the day’s activities.
As a baseball fan another highlight for me of the day was having the opportunity to run Angel Stadium. What was surprising and awesome was all of the boy Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts I were in the crowd cheering the runners on. What was need to see where all the kids in there Boy Scouts and Girl Scout uniform.

I’m really not much of a hockey fan for my friends that are stop on Stanley Cup weigh in capture picture Honda Center home of the Anaheim Ducks behind me.

The aid stations were well stocked and spread evenly along the racecourse. Being that this the first marathon for many runners I found that the aid stations were being well utilized.
The hydration stations we’re well stocked with Powerade and water and in the end a box of yummy snacks was given along with a cooling towel to each runner. The finisher medal was a perfect fit into the Disney 60th anniversary diamond it is one that I will gladly add to my collection of finisher medals.

Is a race that I had no intention of running for personal record. For me it was stopping and enjoying the beauty magic of the parks. I completed the race in just 3 hours. Really for me that is quite good considering I stopped continuously to take pictures of characters at all of the different photo opportunities.


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  1. Jade Hunter says:

    This looks like so much fun! Wish Australia had a half marathon like this! Congrats on finishing xxx


  2. Puma Pal says:

    Looks like fun!!! You make it look “easy!”

    Liked by 1 person

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