San Francisco Bay Diva Half Marathon

The Diva Half Marathon series is a great one! I had such an awesome time at the Temecula Diva Half that I decided to do the San Francisco sister race too. Don’t be fooled… I was tempted into running for the race bling. The West Coast Diva Challenge was a medal that I really wanted for my collection. So because of my love of the runner bling, I was able to talk my sweet husband into driving me and the family up to San Francisco for a whirlwind weekend.


I’m really glad I did this Northern California race, because it was an outstanding course and a really fun run. The Diva running series pays small attention to details that make it a memorable experience. The tutu, boa, and race shirt are always the perfect shade of pink. The tiara is one that I proudly wore for pictures at the end of the race and now have on display in my classroom. The firemen rewarding finisher medals and the champagne toast to celebrate the end of the run were also on point.


Usually I follow a very disciplined mile by mile plan when training for a half or a full. This time before the race, I signed up for a six week boot camp. I didn’t get in the mileage that I usually use to prepare physically, but the weight training actually helped me keep my endurance during the race. Surprisingly, my body did very well and muscle memory kicked in. Part of it is just the high of running a race. I knew my body could do it even if I finished slow. Surprisingly, I did rather well on time. I finished the race in 2:31:16. No personal record, but the fun of the run and the new medals for my collection are the enjoyment when it comes to race days.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 7.58.39 PM

The race course was absolutely beautiful. The sights running around the San Francisco Bay were gorgeous. I expected more of a hilly course, but was pleasantly surprised that there were no major hills to climb. The weather was a perfect over cast with a comfortable cool running temperature.


The race day bonus was the crazy fun checking out all the different runners. The diva half marathon and 5K series have a real flare for all divas. It is wonderful to see women and men of all shapes and sizes gathered together to run.  I was excited to bump into fellow IGer Jen, @pinkcupcakegirl on the course. We had met previously met at Ragnar SoCal. She is quite the runner and is really a motivating lady. I suggest checking out her blog at She is always running with the cool kids and encouraging fun running streaks!


This race brought back together my running bestie Venecia and myself. We train regularly together and have just as much fun collecting running miles as we do girl talk. Our 5 am training runs are almost pavement therapy for mommies. We encourage each other to always strive to do our best. When we met it was an amazing match being that we run at just about the same pace and have lots in common.


The expo was fair size and geared toward women. My kiddos had a great time decorating signs to cheer on mommy. My son also made a sign to cheer on his sister as she was running her first solo 5K. As a mama I couldn’t have been any more proud. My sweet girl is becoming quite the runner. She finished her 3.2 miles in 36:25 minutes.



If you’re looking for a 5K – half marathon girls weekend fun, I highly suggest the Diva race series. The water stations are well placed and everyone is very encouraging along the route. It is filled with high energy fun, music, and great photo opportunities along the course. All the diva touches also make this race a great experience.

Click on the link to check out the series!     Run Like a Diva



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