Run Like a Diva Half Marathon 

A personalized diva running bib, pink feather boa, tiara, roses, finisher photo, and wine glass, all made for a nice collection from the Diva Half marathon race. Really to be honest though, the biggest draw for me signing up for this run was the finisher medal. This runner girl loves her bling collection.


The absolute beauty of the race course was the other personal draw to run. The race was held in Temecula, California. Temecula is known as the Napa Valley of Southern California. It was a beautiful course that was run along the different vineyards.


The idea of a race limited to only 2,000 women added to the excitement of the run, but I found myself seriously worried about the weather. Every day for a week before the race I checked the expected race day weather conditions. An 80% chance of rain was the forecast. As the days to the race drew closer, the chances of rain slowly diminished. So in the end another beautiful day of perfect running temperatures was found. The only downside was the wind.


I met up with two of my girlfriends that were running the race also. It’s always fun to share the pre-race jitters with friends and discuss the training and preparedness for the run.


It’s also fun to encourage each other as we cross paths along the race course. Taking in silly moments like this is what makes races memorable and fun. IMG_2010


When I was reading the description of the race course it was said to have a very slight elevation gain only 138 feet. It described the course as California flat.


Well, being a sea level runner, I was expecting flat. This course was not flat. It was not trail run hills climb hard, but it had more elevation than I was expecting.


These slight hills I think caught many runners off-guard. When I approached mile 10 I came across a lady who was severely cramping up in both legs. In the pain and agony she dropped to the ground. I stopped to check to see what I could do to help. I stretched out each leg repeatedly until she was able to get back on her feet.


Other runners stopped also check to see how she was doing. One runner asked her race bib number in order to request help from the medics. As I was helping her walk with another runner, a medic came by to see how she was doing. She said she wanted to finish the race walking. We as runners don’t like the idea of a “DNF”, did not finish.  So at that point I said my goodbyes and continued on my way.


With 2 miles left in the race I came to a cross point and waiting for me was my husband and my children. This made my entire day. The three of them were riding bikes along the race course cheering on runners.


My son rode along with me for about half a mile telling me what the course was like ahead and encouraging me to keep doing my best. Moments like these are what make me such a proud mother of my babies.


So many women of different ages, shapes, sizes, and running levels participated in this diva race. The best part was seeing everyone encourage each other along the way.


The race did have a few men running, but only a handful that were willing to rock a pink tutu.


The last half-mile of the race seemed to be all uphill. At this point no way I was walking… with so many people cheering us on to keep doing our best, stopping was not an option.


At about a quarter-mile to go the tiaras and pink boas were being passed out just in time for the finish line pictures.


It was a nice surprise to reach the finish line and find shirtless fireman passing out the finisher medals. They also had tables of white roses at the finish line which smelled amazing.


This is a race that I would enjoy running again. In a few months the diva series will continue with the best of California series in San Francisco. I’m hoping add this race to my 2015 schedule.