5K Santa Run


5k races for me are an awesome time to gather with friends and family. Today I kicked off my first day of winter vacation at Birney Elementary’s 1st annual Santa Run. It was great to see students and teachers of the community I teach in to come together for the event. It was also a great chance to run with my own children, who in this Mama’s eyes are really amazing little runners.


The 5K race for me has become an event to enjoy running with my children. Encouraging them to do their best and building a strong love of running. Taking each run as a teachable moment on how to improve their form and pace. I have the greatest feelings of pride when they cross the finish line. They both walk a bit taller with the finisher medal hanging around their neck.

At one time for me the 5k, those 3.1 miles was a gateway run. A gateway to wanting to complete a 10k, followed by a half marathon, advancing to a desire to run a full marathon, and now dreaming of completing an ultra marathon.


I can recall my nervousness of signing up for my first 5K. A few months before the race I decided I wanted to become a runner. I began running in the mornings with one minute of running then walking one minute. I continued on to running two minutes and waking one. I kept increasing this interval until I was able to run one mile without stopping. When I signed up for the 5K the furthest distance I had ever run was two miles. I was so proud of myself when I completed that race. From then on I was hooked. I fell in love with the runner’s high.

Good or bad, at the end of every run I have a sense of accomplishment. So if you are not a runner, lace up and give a 5K a try. You just might find it to be the gateway run to encourage you to mentally and physically challenge yourself to do more.