Holiday Half Marathon


I am a seasoned runner. I like to consider myself a seasoned runner, but when race days come I get nervous like it is the first day of school. I don’t sleep well the night before and am always worried that I have forgotten something important like my race bib or my running shoes.


This morning I was looking forward to this holiday half race. My Hubby bought me the coolest ugly sweater race shirt. Little things like that ugly sweater make this silly runner smile. Today was my last race of the 2014 season. I woke up looking forward to ending the year with a great race. The weather was a bit chilly, but just right for running. I stretched and got in the race shoot. I love taking pics during my run so I snapped a pre race selfie in my awesome holiday shirt with a cool reindeer guy right behind me.


I love running with music. So I put together a playlist of some of my favorites and took in the beauty of the course. I started off strong, a little too strong. I was trying to keep a pace faster than really I am able. I slowed down a notch and found a comfortable pace that I could maintain for 12 more miles. My first favorite sight of the race was the Pomona Auto Club Raceway. Running on the race track was awesome being I’m also a race fan.


The course then continued around Puddingstone Lake. The beauty of it was breathtaking. It was also literally breathtaking because of the hilly inclines. Okay really it was not that much of an incline, but in Long Beach my morning runs are usually flat. I pushed up the inclines and fought to keep my race pace. Passing runners on the up hill push gave me a nice confidence boost.


As I was coming up on the 11th mile I could feel the fatigue of the race starting to set in. My right foot fell asleep, so I did my best to adjust my form to ease the pain. The pain in my foot moved onto cramping. About one mile from the finish I considered walking. I talked myself into sucking it up and pushing past the pain. I don’t like to walk during a race. I try to keep a mind over matter attitude. The way I see it I only had ten more minutes to go. I made the final turn and hustled to the end. My unofficial finish time was 2:14. Not a bad way to end 2014. I collected my race snowflake medal and enjoyed some cookies and water as I cooled down and stretched.

My training schedule will increase in mileage as I mentally and physically prepare for the Los Angeles Marathon. I’m looking forward to new races and more self improvements in 2015. I would love for you to take this running journey with me.